November 8, 2007

Mobile Marketing Technology

Do you own a cellphone? Of course you do, almost every single person that can talk has one. Well, pretty soon, you will also be familiar with mobile marketing. Marketing to users cell phones is nothing new and you will start seeing it in the near future. The big brands out there in the world are trying to reach todays spenders anyway that they can. One new way is through mobile marketing.

Marketers earn big bucks by getting the word of brand names out to all the customers that like to spend money. Would you use your cellphone if you knew that everytime you turned it on there was an ad to watch? Maybe, if you were interested, right?

Mobile marketing and mobile billing are something that will most likely take the world by storm. People don't carry cash with them anymore, some have even dumped their land lines at home in favor of the cell phone. Getting and paying your bills on your cell phone might not be that far fetched.

So, next time you read about mobile markteing, think of your cell phone and all the ways that big name companies are still trying to reach you. They want your money, but junk mail takes up trees. Would they be ok with wasting a little of your time to get their message across? You can bet on it!

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