November 13, 2007

Biotene Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

I am a part of Payperpost sampling program. This months sample was that of Biotene Sensitive, toothpaste for sensitive teeth. This toothpaste claims to help fight cavities, cure dry mouth and be gentle with your sensitive teeth. Well, I thought this was perfect. I have a couple of teeth that are more sensitive than others. Most people wake up with dry mouth, so I thought this might be a cure when I brush before bed time. And cavities aren't any good, so if it helps that, we're good to go.

I tried the toothpaste 2 times a day (at least) for about 2 weeks. The things that I did notice were that the sensitive toothpaste didn't "lather" up like other pastes that I have used in my day. It has a nice taste to it, sort of minty, with a gel type consistency. I did sort of feel the dry mouth go away for the first part of the day after brushing in the morning, but couldn't tell if it made a difference that much at night.

I have always has sensitive teeth and I noticed that this toothpaste didn't irritate those teeth at all. I have had some teeth that were just bothered the second I put the brush in my mouth. Overall, I am quite happy with the toothpaste, I think that if I keep using it, I will see more results with the dry mouth and cavity prevention. For now, it's definitely worth using the rest of the bottle to experience the results.

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