November 19, 2007

Artificial Rock Address Plates

We have all seen them. The real nice looking rocks out front of the largest home on the block. We are in awe of the delicate landscaping they have and envy it every time we drive past it. What is it about the rocks out front that are so great? Well, one of them is an address plaque. How cool is that? You can have your address engraved right on the rock face, that way it fits in with the rest of your beautiful landscaping.

How many of you have the ability to take a 1000 pound boulder, have your address carved into it and have it set in your front yard? Not many I bet. So what do you do if you can't afford something like that? Well, how about one from the Artificial Rocks Factory? That's right, they have rocks just like the ones you drool over, only these are artificial. The advantage of having artificial ones for one, is they are easy to move, cheaper to purchase and they are easy to change when you update your landscaping.

All of the models you can buy are hollow, about 1 inch thick and completely open at he bottom. This makes things a lot cheaper and easier for any home owner. You have your choice of 4 models that you can have a rust free aluminum address or welcome plaque installed on. You also get to choose from 3 colors, so you can bet at least one will fit your landscape. The rocks are shipped via Fed Ex Ground right to your door and if you have an address plaque made, it may take up to 15-20 days to arrive.

These are the perfect gift for any garden lover and you can bet people will think these look 100% like the real thing.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea! My mother-in-law is impossible to shop for, but I think one of these fake rocks with an address plaque would be perfect. Thanks for the holiday gift suggestion!

Artificial Rocks Factory