November 3, 2007

40,000 year sentence, what's the bright side?

The sentence handed down to 21 people involved in the Madrid bombings is insane. I don't mean it shouldn't be what it is, what I mean is, 40,000 years in prison, is INSANE.

191 people killed and 1856 people injured. According to Spain, that's 30 years per person killed by a terrorist attack and 20 years for each injured person. For a grand total of 37,120 years in prison and that's for 2 of the 3 guys. Remembering that it was a terrorist attack adds more time automatically.

Oh yeah the bright side.

To make matters worse, they will be out in 40 years, Spain's maximum prison sentence. So, why deal with big numbers then if you can't implement them? It's all a show I guess. In the US, a judge will sentence 2 or 3 life sentences consecutively just to make sure the perp stays put, but that is not always the case throughout the world.

Just a weird little thing that caught my eye today on

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