November 18, 2007

$10,000 Photo Contest

To sign up is FREE and UPLOAD your photos is easy. A lot of people have a digital camera and to take ONE good photo is becoming easier and easier. I entered this photo into a contest last year and was picked to go on to the next round of voting. It was taken with a simple Kodak Easyshare 5MP digital camera, with the black and white setting. I entered my picture at and never thought it was good enough after looking at the other submissions. After about 2 weeks or so, I did get a letter in the mail regarding my photo. It was voted to move on in the competition. I was pretty excited to say the least.

I love to take pictures and hopefully capture that amazing photo that is one of a kind. I am really into storms and trying to catch lightening as it flashes around the sky. I found the setting on my camera that allows the "shutter" to stay open longer and collect the "shot" over 8 seconds or so. At night it works perfectly because the only light in the bolt of lightening. Once I got that all worked out, I got this shot. I was in my backyard as the storm rolled in without rain up to this point. I was trying to get my camera pointed in the right direction. After about 15 misses, I figured I would just leave my camera pointing in one direction and hope for the best. Well, the next shot was this one. Amazing, I couldn't believe I got and because I was so excited I ran in the house to download it to my computer right away. What do you think? I think it's weird that it looks like the lightening is actually "pulling" away from the Earth, don't you?
With all of that said, as you can see it is easy to take a shot worthy of winning in competitions. You might already have a winner on your camera or computer. Join for FREE and UPLOAD your picture, what can you lose?

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