October 25, 2007

Using Coupons Online? Is this new?

Well, no it is not new, but maybe the web site that you use at the moment is getting a bit stale? Take a look at couponchief.com for online coupons from your favorite online stores. I especially like to go there and look up coupons from Dell.com or the largest online shoe store, Zappos.com.

With the holiday season right around the corner, starting with Halloween, you will want to make sure that you are bookmarking your favorite online coupons from popular stores. I would take a look at clothing stores and pet stores, too for items I am going to buy for my family this Christmas.

I could use the online coupon from the food and wine area for my parents. And my brother and sisters would most likely get clothing, so a discount at Old Navy or the Gap works perfectly there.

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Arely said...

Shopping online and online coupons are certainly not new tendency. I think almost every online shopper must know something called online coupons or coupon codes.