October 29, 2007

Current Housing Market

We all that the current housing market is not going so well. Too many homes in a flooded market and the prices are dropping. Today I would like to mention Mortgage Brokers at www.earth.co.uk. The benefit of having a mortgage broker, instead of a salesman, is the broker will find you the best mortgage instead of selling you the one he makes the most money on.

With Money Magic Mortgages you will receive a free quote without obligation, no credit check and can get a loan for any purpose. The web site looks very professional and there is a lot of information regarding mortgages. There are also mortgage guides that you can read to help you find the mortgage that is best for you.

In my own opinion, having excellent customer service is a plus. You are dealing with a huge asset and don't want a shady customer service department getting in the way of you making on time payments or getting responses to important questions.

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