August 20, 2007

Weird Clocks? Yeah I Have One

I own a Simpsons Wall Clock. Every single hour, on the hour, the clocks "chimes" to the tune of a famous quote from Homer on TV show, The Simpsons. I have it in my kitchen and I really liked it. It was a Christmas gift a couple of years back. Now I have the voices turned off because I was sick of hearing Homer at two in the morning!

I found a website about Clocks at 1-800-4CLOCKS. I will be choosing a clock from their site and writing a little something about it.

I think if I was to buy any clock from the site, it would be this one. I chose the wall clocks category to look for a unique clock. I like to decorate my recreation room and this one would fit in perfectly. The clock is neat and could fit just about anywhere in a recreation room or bar area. Plus it has a magnetic dart board behind the dial, the clock comes with 6 darts as well.

I also visited the and found this interesting post about clock contests and reward programs. The blog is quick and to the point with multiple posts and about 25 categories to read through. If you are a clock enthusiast I would say this blog should be bookmarked.

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