August 13, 2007

Review: A Cowboys Wife

This review is to the winner of last weeks movie quote contest. Cowboytf wanted me to review the blog at, so here goes.

At first glance, the layout is quite busy, but all the information is placed nicely. The posts are long and detailed, like Keeping Your Woman Happy or To Abort or Not To Abort~~That is the Question.

There is also a recipe for biscuits on the left sidebar and a game of pac man in the right, which I think is a nice touch. Some of the colors look like they mesh together, at least on my screen, which makes it a little hard on the eyes. But I would say overall this blog is nice and informative. You can also subscribe to win. Other than that and the cool pointer icon, I would say this blog is going to have a nice following and long life ahead. Give it a look, you won't be sorry.

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cowboytf said...

I just realized that I never came and commented...sorry 'bout that. I think your review is great. I also was glad to know my little cowboy cursor is working;) I wondered about that.

I do think it's busy...I might have to come up with something different. Thanks again!