August 23, 2007

Low Rate Credit Cards from Mint

I am sure you have at least one credit card. I know I have more than one, but I hate looking at the bill, which most of us don't, and seeing what the APR % is. I ask my self if I am so crazy that I would "borrow" money at the rate the credit card companies are charging. I tell myself that I am not that crazy, yet I still have the cards!?!

But now I see low rate apr credit card by MINT. The have an introductory offer and plenty of benefits. Some of them include, no interest on balance transfers for 13 months or 0% on purchases until March 2008. With those kind of benefits, a low rate apr credit card is perfect for just about anyone. If you are looking to improve your credit score with a low rate apr credit card, try this one, it will help you keep up with payments, which is proven to boost your score in short time.

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