August 8, 2007

Another Movie from Rob Zombie: Halloween the Movie

A new movie written and directed by Rob Zombie will be released on Aug. 31st. I included a clip of the trailer for, Halloween the movie. I am sure it will be a kick-ass movie. Check out the trailer here posted on I like horror type movies of this nature and I think the trailer looks really promising, BUT you just never know.

Rob Zombie will for sure pack the movie with tons of horror and probably some hot babes that may or may not get naked. I am just speaking from seeing his movies in the past. Sometimes remakes are good and sometimes they are not, but it really all comes down to how much more the director packs into the movie that wasn't originally there. These days it is tough to create a remake that people will flock to, at least if they know about the original. But with trilogies like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, these things are still possible.

My favorite scary movies include The Blair Witch Project, Saw series and the original Friday the 13th. I know that Rob Zombie loves to step up to the table, so I think putting his own twist in Halloween the movie will be entertaining for sure. Be sure to check out the trailer at least, then you can decide if you'll hit up your local movie theater to see the real deal.

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