June 20, 2007

Reno 911 Miami: DVD Released Unrated

The DVD is out and Fox has set up a website to promote the release of Reno 911! Miami The Movie. On the website there are games, gallery photos, even a downloads section.

I went to the website which is http://www.reno911dvd.com/ and played a game called "Midnight Shootout". Each level of the game gives you a scene, a weapon and 5 seconds to survey the scene. Then you are blindfolded and told to shoot the "bad guys". It's kind of fun, except when you kill an innocent with a shot to the head :)

The last level they give you a scene of downtown Miami and with a rocket launcher you are supposed to break up a gang meeting going on "somewhere". It's a good time. My total score was 3900 with 0 innocents killed, but I managed to pick off 22 cops.

I like to watch the show on Comedy Central, but I must say that I haven't had a chance to catch the movie yet. It will certainly be put on my Netflix list to rent. You can go to the homepage for Reno 911! Miami The Movie and play the games. Save a screen shot of your games and post them on the fan site.