June 27, 2007

Police Release New Compilation CD with Poster

Remember your first Police CD? I think I bought a greatest hits cd one time. That must have been over 10 years ago, but it was worth every penny.

The police have a new compilation cd out this month. It also comes with a vintage "The Police" poster. I have the listings for the songs on disc 1 included below.
Disc: 1
1. Fallout
2. Can't Stand Losing You
3. Next to You
4. Roxanne
5. Truth Hits Everybody
6. Hole in My Life
7. So Lonely
8. Message in a Bottle
9. Reggatta de Blanc
10. Bring on the Night
11. Walking on the Moon
12. Don't Stand So Close to Me
13. Driven to Tears
14. Canary in a Coalmine

One of my favorite songs is "Roxanne" and "Don't Stand So Close to Me". Man, those two bring back memories of me and my 80's music fetish. Although, I cannot remember exactly what I was doing the first time I heard those two. The Police are so well known that I am sure if you ask anyone what is there favorite song, they could name at least one. I hear the band so much on the radio, that whenever you hear a song you can much likely sing along with it.

The Police are a top 5 band in the world and could be compared in popularity to U2 or possibly even the Beatles. People from all over the world will do what they can to get tickets to see them live in concert. They put on a memorable show and that is what keeps people coming back for more.

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