June 18, 2007

If you love your pets, you should have pet insurance

We all know many people that have pets. Even more, we all know some people that have pets that were put to sleep because they were unable to afford proper care for their pets.

That's wear pet insurance comes in. I have 4 pets myself, not including some fish, that I would certainly consider getting pet insurance for. Health insurance for your pet can cover many things including:
Cancer Treatments: $5,500
Hip Dysplasia: $6,000
Fracture: $3,000
Foreign Body Ingestion: $3,500
Viral Infection: $3,000
Eye Problems: $3,000
Gastro Intestinal Problems: $3,000
Vet costs are on the rise, why leave your pet with little hope when you can provide the care they might need for a minimal fee? If you have any pets, especially those known for common health problems, please consider getting pet insurance.