May 15, 2007

TV Show: A Haunting

Have you seen the TV show "A Haunting"? It chronicles real stories of the paranormal. Mostly with bad re-enactments, but sometimes with the actual people that it effected. Tonight was an episode that I haven't seen before and it was quite freaky. The show doesn't show enough ghostly episodes, mostly are about demons and possession. Check it out if you have the Discovery Channel in your area or on cable. It's quite educating to say the least.

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Tina Silva said...

I just saw your post and just had to comment. I watch this show every Friday. It seriously is messed up and freaks the shit right out of me. (not literally lmao).

But it definitely is a great show. I cannot watch it by myself though because it gives me the goosebumps too much and plus I'm just chicken. LOL!