May 29, 2007

PayPerPost Expands Services with PPP Direct

PayPerPost (a website that manages blog advertising) would like to let you know about how they put ANOTHER feather in their cap. Last update they unloaded a PPP Direct feature which allows advertisers to contact bloggers directly for paid posts.

Bloggers get a badge to put on their blog, set their own price and when advertisers click the badge they are asked to fill out some details about what they want the blogger to do. They also have the option of negotiating the price with the blogger.

Some others like ReviewMe charge 50%-100% markup for a service that is similar. PayPerPost Direct charges 10% and that's it. 5% of that goes to Paypal processing fees.

It has never been easier for bloggers to accept offers and get money for their hard work. Plus with PPP payment service through, you have the security that you will be paid with their escrow-like service.