May 14, 2007

HDTV Tuesdays at PPP

Just when I thought PayPerPost couldn't get any more fun, they come up with a new promotion they have dubbed "HDTV Tuedays". They are giving up opps to bloggers that include cool prizes. The prizes include, Apple TV's and a PS3.

If you don't already know, PayPerPost is a website that allows bloggers to make money by taking opportunities presented by advertisers. They blog about the advertisers product, website or service and PayPerPost pays the bloggers. Bloggers make money and advertisers get the word out about their product or service. It's a WIN, WIN.

Speaking of WINNING, the prizes that PayPerPost give out are provided by If you have checked out this site, please read this post to find out more about
"This Tuesday (May 15) you can grab a Slingbox, Nintendo Wii, Yamaha Surround Sound System or a Logitech universal remote." is a quote from the PayPerPost blog. You can read more about it here,

I have been with now for about 1 month. I have made 15 posts and will be collecting $102.70 for my time. I do put time into my blog and research so it is nice to make money on the side. Joining is simple and free. All you need is a blog and a few hours per day to make that blog the best that you can. After that, the money will start to flow in naturally :)

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