May 7, 2007

Bug: Movie Trailer

bug movie trailer. This movie looks quite interesting, almost a breath of fresh air when it comes to this type of movie. In that, I mean the idea or story seems original. Bug movie, reminds of movies like "28 Days Later" in a way. I think it will be a hit for those who are into this type of thriller suspense movie.

I like suspense thrillers and horror movies. The trailer was enough to grab my attention and after I saw the movie poster, I was even more curious. It sort of looks like a bug and is quite intriguing. Once I saw the trailer I was impressed by how the poster pulls me into what the trailer shows.

Bugs that will get into your blood stream and feed on your brain. Hopefully this isn't a dud, because it could cause quite a stir throughout the country. Maybe even as big a stir as Jaws did or The Blair Witch Project.
I have seen a lot of movies like this that are well done. The two mentioned above were done perfectly and the actors fit the part. The trailer looks creepy, sort of made my skin crawl a bit. I will not be able to wait to see this one in the theaters with surround sound. I usually like to post reviews here as well, I will just add this one to my list now. Take a look at the trailer and let me know what you think.