May 5, 2007

Brain Tumor Treatment Awareness

Have you ever heard of radiosurgery? I know a young lady with cancer that has tumors all over her body, including her brain. Her and her family have tried all conventional treatments, but I am not sure if they tried radiosurgery.

With all the valuable information here, I don't see why anyone with a tumor or similar situation wouldn't give radiosurgery a try. Visit the above links for more information on this topic.
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"Accuracy is the single most important aspect
of stereotactic radiosurgery
Gamma Knife radiosurgery sets the bar for accuracy, with guaranteed precision that enhances physician confidence and ensures patient safety.1
This superior level of accuracy is due to three factors:
1. Gamma Knife was designed specifically to provide the very best radiosurgical treatment of brain tumors
2. The radiation source never moves
3. The patient’s head is stationary
When treating a target as delicate as the brain, neurosurgeons try to avoid any movement that might reduce accuracy. CyberKnife, a linear accelerator used to treat the whole body, has a continually moving arm."

Gamma Knife Saves Lives

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