December 11, 2006

Spam and Junk Email Folders a waste?


I hate spam. I know everyone does, but I really hate it. I was just checking my "junk" folder today [I know I shouldn't have to] and I was thinking about why I have to check it everyday. Has anyone else had this issue? Well, for a long time I wasn't checking it [at yahoo] and all of a sudden I get a phone call about some big family get together that was apparently planned via email [to reach everyone in a organized manor] and the email got DUMPED into my "junk" folder!!

What is the point if someone ELSE is judging whether or not my email is junk or not? I know there are rules to put into effect, BUT you usually only do that after the fact.

So, day-to-day I find myself looking into the "junk" folder to make sure there isn't anything important. I have to search through and make sure I am not deleting anything of importance. I know there are various ways to avoid this, but are they available for everyone's situation with email? What about that guy that can't have any other email than Too much time is wasted on JUNK email. It will be the next thing researched just to find out how much time you waste on it in your life. [I am sure that's been done already, too]

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