June 11, 2006

Hey Give that man a Steak Sandwich...oh wait....

.....He is the Steak Sandwich king. Geno's Steaks became my hero for the week. In his restaurant he posted a sign at the register that states:

"This is America, when ordering please speak English"

Harmless, yet to the EXACT point, right? Well, Geno says for the most part it hasn't been a big deal. There is a Latino Group that is planning to make a group order only in Spanish to protest. Ok, fine you don't like his sign, but what are you going to do when you don't get what you ordered? Piss and moan I am sure.
That's the thing with people who protest in this way. They see a quick opportunity to strike, but when something doesn't go there way, they have no problems crying about it. That isn't right. Where on Earth would you think that a bunch of white-bred-cracker-restaurant-folk are going to know what you are talking about if it isn't in English?

Whatever, but Kudos to Geno.