May 22, 2006

The "War on Drugs"

I ask myself this one simple question every time I read about a drug deal gone bad or a murder over drugs or anything of the like; "Is there really any 'war on drugs' in the US?"

It sure is hard to believe that this isn't something that could be stomped out as easy as offering the druggies arrested a free night at the local holiday in for giving up the guy who he buys the drugs from. Of course some might give in and other "smarter" druggies will not, but why does it seem that the USA has such a hard time dealing with drugs and drug dealers? Am I the only one that thinks the US is too easily forgiving about drugs because the drug trade employs A LOT of people in the USA that don't even USE drugs? How many jobs would be lost if there wasn't a single drug in the country? Yep, many.

On this website you can see all kinds of different information on the "War on Drugs". On this site it claims that the US spends about $600 per second in 2003 fighting the "war on drugs". How come it doesn't help anything? Are they spending the money to figure out how to get more drugs INTO the country or what? That is almost $19B right? Where is it all going? I think that if I had that kind of money for ONE YEAR I could make a bigger difference in the drug problems we have in this country today.

Anyone else have a comment or theory on why we ARE losing the "War on Drugs"?
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rED baron said...

We are losing it because nobody cares. Period. If you want to make a difference in this arena, vote in the people who will try to make a difference. Not that they can, but some will try. And if you don't think anyone running will try, then try running yourself. I know I've thought about it, but it's not really up my dark alley. At least not at this juncture. Good luck in your campaign.