May 2, 2006

Oil Company Profits UP!

This is just a simple question:

If profits are UP, doesn't that mean that COST stays the SAME and SELLING PRICE increases?

If the cost to the oil company, why does the selling price keep going UP?? If I am wrong about this, please comment to straighten me out. It's just mind blowing that we have to read about those profits monthly or weekly and that it creates a confusion throughout the country about how prices go so high and the profits follow.

Does this make sense?



rED baron said...

No, you're wrong. Without record profits, how could the oil tycoons afford all of their stately John Deeres and such? And how else can they pay for the solar-heating for their mansions and all the hybrid cars they certainly want to buy? And the shelters they own for when the world goes to hell in a handbasket? And the politburo's pockets? I think these record profits are necessary for the ensured existence of a tycoonisity! Go ahead, disagree with me. See if Big Oil cares.

rED baron said...
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